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active JBOLC Board Members
Tavis Allison - Sustainability Advisor

Tavis Allison (he/him) uses his decades of experience as a nonprofit grant writer and crowdfunder to advise the JBOLC Board about funding opportunities, grant management, and sustainability planning. Tavis attends weekly meetings of the JBOLC Board and offers his perspective to help guide the organization's direction and interactions with other agencies, funders, and collaborators.

Joycelyn Harris

Danielle Guggenheim - Education Director

Danielle H. Guggenheim started Storytime with the James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center (JBOLC) in the summer of 2020, during the height of the Covid Pandemic. "Communities are powerful when they come together, and each person plays a role and/or contributes. My role is to care and nurture The New Ones (our children)."

Danielle is most passionate about public education. In her own words, "My driving force both personally and professionally is to meet the challenge of "What does high quality, academically rigorous education look like, feel like, and sound like in classrooms, irrespective of class, ethnicity, or zip code"

With over twenty years' experience in education, that includes middle school administrator, graduate school adjunct professor, elementary school teacher and teacher of children with disabilities, Danielle Guggenheim is on a mission to work and collaborate with leading experts to bring best practices in education, environmentalism, and sustainability to youth of The Bronx.
Sung Kim - Secretary & Treasurer

Sung Kim has been an aspiring artist for many years and found wondrous joy and healing in Mother Nature. She feels blessed to be involved in the work of JBOLC and hopes to help connect people, especially young children to Mother Nature, gardening and the merriment of art making for she thinks they are crucial in emotional well being. She is a certified permaculture designer, gardener and master composter.

Sharon Lundgren

Sharon Lungrin is an experienced finance and operation not for profit professional and entrepreneur. As a JBOLC Board Member, Sharon focuses on strategic planning and working to deepen JBOLC relationships with local organizations, elected officials and community members in order to create and sustain a thriving network of good information about resources and opportunities in the Bronx and beyond.

Raymond Pultinas - President

Ray Pultinas(he/him) is responsible for organization's recognition and realization of its mission, maintaining relationships and expanding networks and capacities.

Leslie Vale Zapata - Family Program Coordinator

Leslie Vale Zapata is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing family-oriented activities at JBOLC community events. She is a graduate of Elementary Education at University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, studied Studio Art at Lehman College. Leslie has worked with children and elders providing art workshops on Puerto Rico and New York City. As a homeschool mom she found at JBOLC a place to learn and share her love for art and nature.

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