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Would you like to volunteer with us?

Our regular volunteer hours are Thursday and Sunday, 4 - 7pm and Saturday during the market - if you love to garden, want to learn how, or share your knowledge on gardening or love for plants, please join us.
Inspired by and dedicated to Megan Charlop, Meg's Garden Community is of collective ethos where all lives are respected.
We focus on growing edibles and practice permaculture, common-sense ethical design science, which works with nature aiming to create an agriculturally productive sustainable system using natural resources.

Students and community members learn/share hands-on skills and knowledge on growing healthy food to lead a sustainable life-style. We have been donating surplus produce to a neighborhood food pantry POTS. Please come join us and watch things grow bloom, and share the magic of the garden!
It is one of our joys to find many goldfinches hanging around in the gardens. We discovered that they love to eat seeds from amaranth and sesame plants (perilla plant).
"Come see them and love them!"
Double wonder beebalm flowers bursted out in abundance to delight our gardens in 2019 summer.
We grew more than 100 Ibs of hot peppers for Bronx Hot Sauce in 2019!
Edible Forest
One of the persimmon trees that were donated by national Fruit Tree Planting Foundation in 2018 summer; it was wondrous to witness the fruits ripening with wind, rain and sun.
Edible forest was created in Spring of 2017 in partnership with national Fruit Tree Foundtion. Twenty Seven fruit trees and berries were planted; some were taken away by some mysterious force, some stand strong and brilliant.
Creation of Edible forest: Clockwise from upper left: Ray Pultinas next to the actress Jennie Garth; Principal Orbe; Tools of the Tree Planting Trade; Vitafusion sponsored Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) donation; FTPF Arborist Rico Montenegro demonstrating proper tree planting before a crowd of students and community member volunteers.
On September 5, Meg's Garden and Edible Forest were blessed by a senior citizen group from Bronxworks.
To start with, we served them with our famous apple-sauce cookies and herbal garden tea. They had a good time picking tomatoes, cucumbers and ground cherries among others to take home.
A cucumber it is!
Some of them got themselves busy making pretty bouquets. It was enjoyed by all so that we planned to make the visit regular. Thank you Kaydine and Jodie from NYC compost project for making this happen!
Montefiore School Health Program volunteers working and sharing garden joys for annual Meg Charlop Day

and our own team of JBOLC green infrastructure interns and community volunteers converge all on one glorious spring day
This year, they helped to transplant lettuce seedlings, harvest camomile flowers, which are dried to make our famous place-based JBOLC garden tea. They also helped to transfer a big compost pile.

To our surprise, we found a nest of a mother field mouse with her five pups in the pile.After running away for life, she returned to transfer all her darlings to a new nest one by one by the mouth. What a marvelous motherhood!
This coreopsis flower possess beauty of simplicity and yet intricacy.
Who doesn't love tomatoes?
Our asparagus field
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