We envision a model community school that inspires resiliency, holistic sustainability, and personal responsibility.

The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center transforms the grounds of DeWitt Clinton High School into a destination for learning, growing, health, and community.

In the "Community Hub", neighbors, students, parents, educators, and friends will connect and engage in permaculture practices in the ethos of social, environmental, and food justice.

The "School Hub" will be a versatile education and garden space including "The Welcome Table".
Join us as we celebrate our 3rd Growing Season at Meg's Garden!
Learning Our Place 3:30 to 6:30 Thursday, May 30, 2019

3:30 pm to 4:30 pm – Spring Banquet – A Celebration of Our Place and Spring Harvest (Open to All)
Join us at Meg's Garden to share in a Garden Grown Feast to celebrate the start of our 9th year of gardening and our 3rd year of growing at our beloved school and community garden. We're partnering with Craig Rothman and the Dietetics, Food and Nutrition Program at nearby Lehman College to serve our own Spring Harvest Garden Pizzas along with with our JBOLC Garden Kombucha Punch. We'll also be celebrating the arrival of our New York Compost Box just donated and delivered by Debbie Ullman of New York Compost. Learn how you can become a part of how we compost with Corinne Coe of Terra Nova Compost. Tour our permaculture garden and edible forest, meet our students and experience the wonders of Meg's Garden and Edible Forest.

4:45 pm to 6:00 pm – Learning Our Place - Walking Tour and Survey of School Grounds. (Open to all) Join us for an Environmental Awareness Walk around our Campus Block led by renowned resident Entomologist and Surveyor, Parker Gambino, Permaculture and Garden Instructor, Sung Kim, JBOLC Founder and Director, Ray Pultinas, students, teachers, community volunteers, scientists and environmentalists. We'll be observing and identifying species and locating additional sites for green infrastructure projects, a planned apiary and opportunities for street tree care as we traverse our 23 acre campus and beyond. Upon our return to Meg's Garden, we will top the day off with fresh community homemade desserts including KLDP (Key Lime Dream Pie) served by it's creator, Paul Kittas!
10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday, June 1 - Caring For Our Place - Volunteer to Care for our Neighboring Street Trees. (Open to All) Meet at Meg's Garden and help us to clear tree pits of weeds and debris, spread compost and mulch, and give our trees some love and care. David George Haskell, author of The Song of Trees, has made the claim that street trees that are planted by, cared for, nurtured and supported by a community have a guaranteed survival rate as opposed to a half survival rate of neglected trees. We'll be caring for our trees along Goulden Ave and near the Lehman College Campus. Snacks and our famous garden tea will be served!
After Spring Banquet

THANK YOU ALL, who came to our Spring banquet to learn our place and care for our street trees and munched on our famous garden pizzas, homemade applesauce, cookies and KLDP!
We are official food scrap drop-off site!

Our compost site is accesible 24/7 thus you can save and bring kitchen food scraps including tea bags, coffee ground, egg shells and also wilted flowers, dead plants including the soil although meat, fish, cheese, any dairy products and bread are not currently acceptable.

| Easy Composting
James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center selected to present at 2018 Municipal Art Society's Summit for New York City Innovation Exhibition, being held at Inside Park at St. Bart's, on Tuesday, October 9, next door to the Summit program at St. Bart's Church.

Here's what has been said about us: "Of the many incredible submissions that are empowering individuals to shape their built environment, our jury of Urbanist Members were particularly impressed with your project, Another Country/The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center on the Campus of DeWitt Clinton High School."
AFTER - THANK YOU all the urbanists who participated the event, especially those who came to our table and showed interests in what we are doing and supported us and our outdoor programs.
And big thanks to our team for a stunning presentation! The combination of tactile artifacts and story handouts, so elegantly formatted was such a strong reminder of where we have come and where we are going!
From the MAS innovation exhibition; here, one of the visitors is trying our garden grown ground cherry, whose papery soft-colored semitransparent shell is used to make Communal-Groud Cherry- Upcycling- Shadowbox Project. All photos by Vladimir Weinstein
our presentation; as you might be able to see, we had several handouts, most of them had accompanying artifacts including 90 year old oak tree wedge.
1. Another Country/James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center
2. Apple Sauce Muffin
3. Welcome Table
4. Magpie
5. Food Kiosk
Communal - Ground Cherry - Upcycling - Shadowbox Project(we invited visitors to taste our garden grown ground cherry and upcycle its shell to make an interesting object by placing it inside the shadowbox using homemade flour glue(recipe)).
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